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Our Purchasing and Supply Policy

"Because today's products will not necessarily be tomorrows"

The foundation of our corporate policy is the ongoing issue of customer satisfaction.
To achieve its objectives, MECATRACTION has a set of suppliers with whom we wish to maintain genuine partnerships.  Our suppliers and service providers are key players in ensuring our continuity of commitment.
The quality of our products, the security of supplies and the deployment of all actions to reduce costs and thus maintain our competitiveness, are the fundamental elements of our success.
As our sectors of activity are increasingly demanding, MECATRACTION is also more demanding in regards to its suppliers.


The challenges for MECATRACTION Purchasing

In managing purchasing and Suppliers, our Purchasing department must guarantee:
·       Purchases that are technically and financially competitive.
·       Supplier-friendly contractual relationship: financial viability and listening skills.
·       Purchases of products/services using safe, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies.
·       Compliance with environmental obligations: limitation of discharges, management and recovery of waste, eco-design.
·       Compliance with labour, human rights and free and fair competition legislation.
·       Prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption.

The Principles of our Policy

These principles are based on:
·       Competition between authorized (and qualified) suppliers.
·       Commitment through a written agreement, previously negotiated and signed by the authorized persons (contract or order), before any engagement are undertaken with Suppliers.
·       Management of Supplier relationships and improving their overall performance.
Our partners are selected using key criteria:
·       Unbeatable quality.
·       Reliable and responsive logistics organizations with a customer service focus.
·       A highly competitive offer, even in unstable monetary environments.
·       Compliance with commitments made to support us in our various projects.
·       A culture of continuous improvement (innovation, quality, logistics, competitiveness...)
·       Financial solidity

Commitment and vigilance in regards to a Responsible and Sustainable Procurement Policy are the ambitions of MECATRACTION.
Lastly, all our efforts are part of a real process of continuous improvement of “Procurement Performance", both for our industrial activities and for relations with all our partners.