Over 40 years of experience in the rail industry!

SICAME successively bought the company MECANOSER in 1971 and DEPARTEMENT TRACTION in 1976. These two companies, located in Paris, are specialized in the manufacture of electrical connections by crimping. MECANOSER is focused on products for industrial applications while DEPARTMENT TRACTION is specialized in railway products.
In 1981, to support the creation of Mecatraction and with the objective of bringing this new industrial connection center to fruition, the production of terminals and tools for rail applications by DEPARTMENT TRACTION were repatriated to Pompadour. At the same time, Mecatraction is starting an approval process for rolling stock and fixed signaling installations. The first markets will concern the TGV Sud-Est and RER trains known as MI79.
Mecatraction obtained its first ISO9002 certification in 1995 and the same year received the AQF3 SNCF and delegation from ALSTOM transport.
Likewise, our former product manager Philippe Besse participated in the development of NFF 00363, which is the reference standard for electrical wiring in the railway market. Since then, this standard has evolved towards an adaptation to the European market, which has pushed Mecatraction to develop its railway products and to create new specific ranges for cables with thin insulation.
Among Mecatraction's historical products on the rail market, we find: pre-insulated wiring lugs, pre-insulated clips as well as pre-insulated cable ends. In the 1990s in order to expand its offer, Mecatraction developed a tooling section, notably with TH grippers.
Mecatraction is currently the leader in on-board connectors on the French rail market.